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Art Opening - Angie Rucker

From the Artist:

In this work, I visit themes of femininity, tragedy, and coping. I am completely mystified by human endurance, by the capacity to endure unimaginable hardship, and emerge, whole, void, or not at all.  Moments when people are hanging from a cliff and make a decision to either let go or climb up.  I am interested in that isolated chapter in a life when something happens to change it forever and nothing from that moment on will ever be the same.
I am curious about how the people that experience these hardships survive, or why they don’t.  Why people either give up, emerge to be able to enjoy life again, or merely continue to exist, unable to step to either side.   I am interested in the journey of the soul under unbearable weight, and why it ends where it does. 
By using self-portraiture as a mode of transportation, I have employed various objects - organic, found, or created, as metaphors to tell a visual narrative in hopes the viewer questions the meaning of the elements and why they are placed in the manner they appear.  By merging the reality of despair with the surreal realm of fantasy, these photographs are depictions of the longing to awake and find it all a dream.  Intended to grip and overwhelm the viewer, I have immersed the work in anguish, and in so doing, somehow hope for my own escape, with the realization that some of us never will.

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